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The "Dynamic Duo"
Jeff Ritter and Martin Chuck have over 40 years of teaching experience and are widely regarded among the top coaches in the world. We're excited to have this unique team bringing their talent and passion for coaching to The Raven Golf Club - Phoenix

Jeff Ritter
“The Best Young Teachers in America!” – Golf Digest

Jeff Ritter is one of the world’s most prominent golf instructors with a presence that reaches all corners of the globe. An accomplished coach, author and motivational speaker, Jeff is hailed for his unique approach to teaching the game. His method of communication utilizes creative concepts from all walks of life in a manner that inspires his students and makes this difficult game seem effortless. He credits his passion for inspiration, body health and “mental flexibility” for the reputation that has set him apart as a purveyor of not only playing well, but living well.

A consistent presence in the world of golf media, Jeff’s articles appear in Golf Digest Magazine, Golf Tips Magazine,Golf Infuzion Magazine, Golf Punk Magazine in the United Kingdom, The A Position and the Arizona Republic. He has also been seen and heard on ESPN, FOX Sports, FOX Sports Radio, Sirius XM Radio and The Golf Channel. In 2010 Jeff was named by Golf Digest Magazine as one of the Best Young Teachers in America! His latest book “Your Kid Ate a Divot! Eighteen Life Lessons From the Links is available at Barnes and Noble and his new JRG iPhone Instructional App is available as a FREE download from iTunes!

Before striking out on his own in 2000, Jeff was formerly an instructor with the Golf Digest Schools and the acclaimed Dave Pelz Short Game School. In addition to the JRG/TSGA programs he runs at The Raven Golf Club, he is also National Director of Instruction for Nike Golf Schools and Junior Camps and Site Director of Nike Junior Golf summer programs in Monterey California. Click here to visit the full Jeff Ritter Golf website! To contact Jeff Ritter directly email or call 480-695-2017


Martin Chuck
Inventor Tour Striker Training Products/Founder Tour Striker Golf Academies

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Quickly becoming one of the World's most prominent coaches, Martin Chuck developed his love and talent for the game of golf north of the border in Ontario, Canada. Like most kids from Canada slapping hockey pucks was his first sporting love. It wasn’t long before the allure of golf took hold. Like any true outlier in his given profession, Martin found himself in the shadow of two of the World’s best ball strikers and Canadian Legends, Moe Norman and George Knudson. “The time spent around George and Moe was something I can’t really measure and didn’t realize how truly special of an opportunity it was,” says Chuck. “I was able to watch, witness and in the case of Mr. Knudson, work for one of the best of alltime.”

The lessons learned by Chuck in his junior years served him well as he attained a scholarship at New Mexico State University where he was a 4-year letterman. After his college career Martin Chuck played professionally on the Canadian and Nationwide Tours among many other satellite tours around the United States. He left the tour and focused his attention on club management and coaching golfers. During a simple lesson with a new golfer in 2006, the idea for the Tour Striker Training Club was born. Since December 2008 sales of Tour Striker have surpassed 100,000 units worldwide and has been recognized as the most successful training aid of recent times. Chuck’s passion for coaching led to the development of the Tour Striker Golf Academy with its home base at the Raven Golf Club – Phoenix. “I’m thrilled to be associated with the Raven Golf Club and my dear friend and world renowned coach, Jeff Ritter. Click here to visit the full Tour Striker Products and Academy website! To contact Martin Chuck directly email or 541.948.2480.

Aaron Olson
Assistant Program Director - Nike Junior Golf Camps, Pebble Beach California
Lead Instructor - Tour Striker Golf Academy

Respected for his dedication to the development of young competitive players, Aaron has been an integral component to the success of Junior and High School golf programs across the country. Due to his commitment to Juniors, Aaron was awarded the position of Assistant Camp Director for the prestigious Nike Junior Golf Camps utilizing facilities owned by the Pebble Beach Resorts in Monterey California.

Prior to joining the Staff, Aaron had spent years honing his skills with the help of some of the game’s top coaches, most notably being strongly influenced by PGA Tour Instructors Andy Plummer and Mike Bennett.

A dedicated player himself, Aaron has enjoyed success competing both on the collegiate and professional levels and finds that his experiences in competition form some of the greatest lessons he imparts to his students.

Aaron believes that the geometry in hitting good golf shots is the same for everyone regardless of age, size, gender, and ability. This system of measuring the golf swing helps players hit the ball further, straighter; more often and ultimately enjoy the game more. In addition to his private one on one coaching, look for Aaron to take the lead on many of the JRG/TSGA programs available at The Raven Golf Club - Phoenix. Contact Aaron directly at







Courtney Mahon
JRG/TSGA is happy to welcome their newest teaching instructor, Courtney Mahon.  She is respected for her commitment to growing the game of golf through numerous mini golf schools and clinics, predominantly focused on women, developing high school players, and junior golfers.  Courtney’s primary emphasis with each individual is to develop them into players of the game by creating the impact and ball flight they desire, improving the technical aspects of their short game, and applying their success keys to the game.

Courtney had a very successful amateur and professional career, competing for the University of Arkansas and on various professional golf tours.  The knowledge and experiences as a competitive player has tremendously impacted the success of her students.

Mahon spent her first two seasons in Phoenix as an instructor at the Wigwam Arizona Golf Resort.  She is an LPGA instructor and is certified through the Plane Truth and the Titleist Performance Institute.  Mahon contributes her successes as an instructor to her experiences as a collegiate and professional golfer, division one collegiate golf coach, and her studies under top ranked instructors Stan Thirsk, Martin Chuck, Aaron Olson, and Jim Hardy.  The Raven Golf Club – Phoenix is thrilled to have Mahon join the Jeff Ritter Golf and Tour Striker Golf Academy.  Courtney can be reached via phone at 785-221-7814 or via e-mail at




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